About the Foundation

Our Mission

The W. Reymont Foundation promotes the culture and education among the Polish population in Canada. It serves the entire Polonia. From the dawn of its activities, the most important goal of the Foundation was and still is, preservation of Polish Culture in Canada, preservation of our national heritage among the Polonia, as well as participation in the development of Canadian culture.

The Foundation realizes the difficulties that young people face in a multicultural society. Therefore, in order to arouse in them, growing and being educated here, a feeling of pride in their Polish background, the Foundation grants scholarships to students of Polish origin, organizes literary contests, gives financial help to non-profit organizations, Polonia groups, schools, also sponsors many functions whose aim is to preserve and spread Polish culture and tradition in Canada.

The W. Reymont Foundation has attracted many dedicated people who in their desire to propagate Polish culture in the Canadian multicultural society, have displayed a noble, sincere and generous heart.

Just like every Polonia organization, the W. Reymont Foundation is today in need of people who are willing to give of their time and energy. Hence, we are appealing to all who have an interest in the Polish youth of Canada to help them learn and maintain the culture and heritage of their ancestors. In order to continue the work of the Foundation, we need the support of willing volunteers.